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Good Boy Gone Bad
Relationships have many definitions
Different pictures in different minds
So perfect and innocent
So different and fixed
Slowly that picture changes
The smell of gasoline, being dumped all over
The strike of a match being lit
The danger of flames burning high
As the flames burn that picture
Half of yourself, dissolved to ash
That half, kidnapped by the lord of the underworld.
No longer a portion of me, but a portion of someone else
Load the gun with a bullet
Add the black gun powder
That long click for the preparation
Of that bullet to be launched
Ready, take aim, and fire
One shot is all it took to commit this deed
The rush, the feeling
Such an amazing deed
As the smoke slithers out of the gun
like a genie coming out of a lamp
I look at you and feel nothing but understanding
Now my feelings that I once felt, are now yours
As I walk away
Thoughts insist on coming in
Licking the gun, knowing that revenge was sweet
I realized that the good boy I once was, is no longer
But a bad boy is no
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The rose, the necklace, the sweater
Have meaning; representation of you
They bring me back to a place and
To a time when I was a fool.
The memories, the photos, the moments we shared,
Reminiscing on the times we had; representation of memory lane.
They take me back in time
To when I loved you and when I hated you.
Your face, your personality…just you!
Use to bring a smile to my face; representation of my former happiness.
I shed my tears without a sound
As I think about how much I really miss you…
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This Is My Circus
Come one! Come all! And welcome to the my circus!
The entertainment comes from my heart
You will laugh and enjoy
What my circus has to offer
Come and take a trip down memory lane
The memories I have for you
Will make you laugh and will make you cry
Are you sure you want to take a detour down this lane?
Come and see the horrifying haunted house
Words and thoughts will make you scream your guts out
This haunted house is especially made
To make you die of fear
Watch the amazing performances by the heart of yours truly
Be amazed at how you can easily manipulate it into believing anything
See how it can be broken when it sees your true colours.
Everyone has a good time seeing this dashing performance!
Visit the house of mirrors
Mirrors contorted showing my messed up life
Bent in different ways describing how my brain has now become
Everyone should love this place
The circus has finally come to town
But it's leaving and will never come back
Might as well not come because
This place will chan
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Mature content
Because... :iconb-arab:B-Arab 0 1
My Drug
Your love is my drug
My mind and my heart are sore
Everytime I think of you
I want you more and more
Your love is like meth
Wanting and craving it
I can't resist my feelings
You are really hard to quit
You are my brand of ecstasy
The sensations you make me feel
I know you are the best of the best
I know when I'm getting a good deal
You are my favourite flavour of tobacco
Lungs perfect and healthy as they can ever be
One puff is all it took for you to take my breath away
Past the smoke, you are all I see
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What I Think
Honestly, I don't know what to think
You mean the world to me
You are great, funny, good looking
Being around you makes my heart beat in a different rhythm
You are always on my mind
It's like you're glued to my brain
Because all I think about
is you <3
You are my everything
So kind, so gentle with every touch we make
Hands so soft across my face
Warming up each other everytime we cuddle
So romantic and memorable
I feel like I've grown wings
Taking me to a place where can always be with you
and love you
Your kisses are so lustful and passionate
With every one, our love grows and grows
Moist and love-filled
You manage to take my breath away
I finally know what to think!
The confusion has passed, for me to think clearer
I have realized that I can't live without you
From the bottom of my heart, i mean this so much
I love you
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Different Person
The disease spreading through my body
Slowly reaching to my mind
Infecting and altering every corner of my brain
Leaving behind nothing but corruption
The way I see, Changed
The way I think, Altered
The way I see people, Different
The thoughts I think, corrupt
My eyes the color of black coal
My skin pale white and ice cold
My senses enhanced to heights beyond control
My mind, in another world
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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Pop, RnB, Hip-hop
Oh hey guys!

So, um I'm just really bored and decided to write an entry. Hahaha.
Man, i honestly hate having homework and i just don't like it.
Pretty sure i speak on behalf of EVERYONE that homework sucks.
Anyway i think i should be finishing up my homework instead of doing this so i shall be typing up soon!
  • Listening to: Disturbia- Rihanna
  • Reading: My chem lab
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.


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